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The most innovative brands trust Dexper with their flagship events.​

Meet the world’s most versatile virtual and hybrid event platform that comes with white-glove service.

Unleash your flagship events.

Dexper’s virtual and hybrid events platform helps you create stellar experiences for your audience.

Give an unlimited amount of global virtual attendees a front-row seat to your event in a fully branded environment.

Create an integrated brand experience for your online audience with a custom URL, multiple (sign) languages, and a fully customizable design.

From registration and setting up a user profile to personal schedules and enjoying your show at their convenience. We build a user flow to make sure your attendees enjoy your show from start to finish.

Optimize your audience engagement by tailoring it to their needs. Whether it is chat, Q&A, meet-ups, expert sessions, sponsor pages, or anything you come up with that we haven’t yet.

By converting your show in real-time to VOD, your virtual audience does not have to miss anything of your show, regardless of their location and timezone.

Your event strategy now has a home.

Dexper is the solid base for your full event calendar, on demand videos and added resources.

Create a fully branded content hub that directly captures your audience’s attention and curiosity. Make your events and videos available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Amplify event awareness and attendance by highlighting your most important past, current, and future events.

Increase content consumption by offering your video on demand content in captivating Series and Episodes for your audience to enjoy at their convenience.

Promote and build your brand beyond your events by adding valuable additional resources like podcasts, white papers, playlists, and much more.

This is what we mean with custom event platforms.


Powerful and intuitive. Our adaptive technology matches your requirements.

The intuitive back-end platform to successfully execute your virtual and hybrid events.


You deserve a white-glove approach when it comes to your virtual and hybrid events.

The most innovative tech companies trust the Dexper team for their events because of our approach. This is our promise:

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