Event content: How virtual and hybrid events are reshaping the way enterprises connect with their global audiences

Key takeaways

  1. Hybrid events lower the barrier points to entry, as well as the costs, for attending and putting on a great event

  2. There is a growing need to find ways to make sure that hybrid event content remains evergreen

  3. Create a library of evergreen event content drives value for enterprises long after the event is over

  4. Dexper 365 allows event managers to reach out to their global audience on their terms 365/24/7.

Business events have undergone a significant and lasting transformation. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all trade show or conference. In its place, a new breed of virtual and hybrid events have emerged – one that is agile, intimate, and engaging.

Driven in large part by the omnipresence of digital technology, as well as a mindset shift toward remote work and collaboration, enterprises are embracing virtual and hybrid events as a way to enhance their connection and community-building efforts with their global audiences. This, in turn, is affording a powerful opportunity for once-ephemeral event content to be transformed into evergreen content that can live on and continue to generate value long after the event itself has ended.

So, what is evergreen event content? And how can enterprises leverage it to create more meaningful connections with their audiences?

The new breed of business event

Hybrid events, or events that blend digital and physical experiences, are on the rise. Once a necessity, given the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid events are now being embraced by event planners and marketers as a way to give their global audiences asynchronous access to content. The pace of modern life has us all juggling more and more responsibilities, so being able to “attend” an event on our own time is a major advantage.

Moreover, hybrid events lower the barrier points to entry, as well as the costs, for attending and putting on a great event. In line with the UN’s stated goal of supporting knowledge-sharing as a way to benefit human connectedness and mutual learning, the digital transformation of business events is empowering enterprises to better connect and share with their audiences, regardless of location. It is also allowing for greater equality of opportunity, as digital events are more accessible to diverse groups, including those with disabilities.

It is for these reasons that we are unlikely to see a return to the previous status quo of business events. Indeed, according to a recent survey carried out by Skift Meetings, the majority of event planners predict that their digital event budget will stay the same or increase over the next few years. It’s clear that the way we connect with our audiences has changed, and evergreen content is a key part of that change.

What is ever evergreen content?

Evergreen event content is content that remains relevant and useful long after its initial publication.

According to renowned marketing expert Neil Patel: “Evergreen content engages and educates readers for longer without a huge amount of effort.”

In the world of content marketing, there is a lot of focus on creating pieces that will have a long shelf life. After all, why spend the time and effort to produce something that will only be relevant for a few weeks or months?

In the past, enterprises have invested a lot of time, effort, and expense into putting on truly great events. However, without a way to keep that content evergreen, its value has traditionally been limited to the time period immediately surrounding the event.

But with virtual and hybrid events comes the opportunity to change all that.

As businesses increasingly invest in creating great digital event experiences, there is a growing need to find ways to make sure that this content remains evergreen. Video is one medium that has great potential for longevity, but only if it is recorded in good quality and published in the right context.

Too often, event recordings are treated as one-off pieces of content that quickly lose their value over time. But with a little bit of effort, such content can be made evergreen and highly accessible, meaning audiences can engage with the event no matter the place or time.

What is happening to your event content right now?

As an event organizer, it’s important to think about the value of your event content and how it can be repurposed for evergreen viewing. Posting your event content online without any branding or call-to-action is a missed opportunity. Instead, consider ways to make relevant content more accessible and engaging for viewers after your event is over. By taking a little extra time to package and brand your content, you can ensure that it has a lasting impact long after your event is over.

If your presentations, keynote sessions or meetups provide valuable insights and information for your participants about evergreen topics, why not provide a means for those stakeholders who were not able to attend physically to watch the content afterward? This evergreen content can continue to benefit your organization long after the event is over. Curating videos of the presentations online can help attract new members and grow your audience. And since the content is already created, achieving ROI from your event spend is made highly achievable.

Imagine being able to watch a keynote session or presentation that you were not able to attend in person, and getting all of the same great information and insights. This evergreen content would be available anytime, anywhere, and would provide valuable insights for those who were not able to attend the event physically. This would be an invaluable resource for meetups, conferences, and other events where participants want to learn from the best and brightest minds in their field.

This is the future of event-based content consumption, and it is now within our reach. By providing a means for participants to watch presentations and keynotes after the event, you can ensure that everyone has access to the best information and insights, no matter where they are or what their schedule looks like.

The future of event content is on-demand

Imagine being able to create content from your event that could be used again and again to generate leads, share knowledge and insights, or simply to engage and build relationships with your audience. That is the power of on-demand content.

On-demand content is about more than just recording sessions and sharing them online. It’s about creating a library of evergreen content that can be used in multiple ways to drive value for your business long after the event is over. From helping your data collection and content marketing strategy to driving more organic traffic to your site, evergreen content has the power to transform the way you do business.

By repurposing key sessions, you can create evergreen content that will continue to attract, engage and convert your audiences, even when they are not attending your event. This means more leads, more sales, and a higher ROI for your event.

With sustainable content, you can also take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, such as integrating live event coverage into your evergreen content strategy or using it to support marketing initiatives beyond the event itself. By being proactive and thinking about how you can sustainably use your evergreen content, you can ensure that your event generates maximum value for your business now and in the future.

Final thoughts

Without the ability to create evergreen, sustainable event content, your event management efforts are not future-proof. Events are important, but the content is what really matters. If you can’t package and brand your content in a way that makes it accessible and evergreen, you’re not doing your event justice.

Virtual and hybrid events are the future of enterprise connection with global audiences. And evergreen content is the key to making sure those connections are lasting and valuable.

So, if you’re planning an event, don’t forget to think about how you can make your content evergreen and sustainable. It’s really the only way to ensure that your event has a lasting impact in today’s ever-changing digital world.

At Dexper we believe that on-demand, evergreen content is the key to a successful event platform. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to combine the power of dynamic event schedules, video on demand, and resource libraries. With Dexper 365, enterprises can ensure their event content is always accessible, always easy to consume, and always adding value for their global audiences.

With its highly customizable interface, Dexper 365 empowers enterprises to create a virtual and digital event platform that is always on-brand so it gets in front of a larger, more diverse audience, 365/24/7.

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