How to engage stakeholders using owned content and events

Key takeaways

  1. It’s no longer enough to rely on external forms of content distribution to reach your target audiences; owned media enables you to build relationships with your key stakeholders.

  2. Through personalized content experiences and activations, you ensure that you operate in alignment with your stakeholders’ expectations and values.

  3. Virtual, hybrid and in-person events help enterprises reach an entirely new audience and tap into powerful digital marketing opportunities.

  4. Activate, inspire and retain stakeholders using your own Dexper 365 powered content and events platform.

At the core of a successful strategy for community building and engagement with your brand lies owned content. It’s no longer enough to rely on external forms of content distribution to reach your target audiences; owned content empowers you to build genuine relationships with people interested in what you offer, by providing them with meaningful information which connects them to your mission and drives interactions. Weaving owned content into your overall marketing and communication plan helps you bring together different voices, allowing stakeholders to engage directly with your brand and convert in unprecedented ways.

Great content connects the gap between an enterprise and its global community

Creating and maintaining effective marketing initiatives across third-party platforms can be tricky to coordinate, due to the difficulty of controlling content distribution and adapting content to various external publishing requirements. Fortunately, leveraging owned content presents a powerful solution for overcoming these challenges. Utilizing an owned content platform allows businesses to communicate more effectively on a global level by making it easier to create an engaging user experience of content tailored specifically for their diverse stakeholders. Through their own content and events, companies have the power to not only inform, but also inspire and activate their target audiences while retaining their loyalty over time.

If enterprises want to connect with today’s audiences, they need to curate content experiences that are highly personalized. This means understanding your audience and what they are interested in. The decline of third-party cookies and the rise of first-party data signals the changing of the tides. Instead of employing third-party cookies and digital data mining techniques, enterprises can use first-party data collected via owned assets to better understand their community.

Once an enterprise has a deep understanding and relationship with its audience, it can then create content that is truly valuable. This means delivering highly relevant and personalized content and event experiences. This can be anything from articles and videos, to webinars and podcasts to flagship hybrid events. The bottom line is that when you own the platform and the content, you are able to deliver experiences that keep your stakeholders engaged with your channel, as opposed to being subjected to the powerful algorithms that govern third-party media platforms.

Understanding who your audience is and what they want from content

Having an understanding of your stakeholders is essential. However, this knowledge alone is not enough. Enterprises drive stakeholder engagement by providing them with valuable content and activations. And personalizing content experiences revolutionizes the way enterprises interact with their stakeholders, offering a tailored approach that increases satisfaction and leads to growth.

Through personalization of activations, you can ensure that you are operating in alignment with your stakeholders’ expectations and values. With the data that comes from these efforts, you have the power to shape the user experience and gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives. Your payoff will be more than just top-of-funnel metrics; it’s about ensuring that everyone who comes in contact with your enterprise will experience a relevant, targeted, and positive brand experience.

Building an engaged community can be one of the most impactful investments an enterprise can make. Utilizing the insights gathered through data and empowering those who interact with your brand is key to this mission, creating lasting relationships and trust with all stakeholders – buyers, clients, users, employees, investors – ultimately helping you own the customer experience.

How informed and activated stakeholders can help reach company goals

By uniting content and events on one platform, brands have an incredible opportunity to build relationships with their stakeholders and collect data for continued value. Insights from data collected through profiles can help craft unique and personalized experiences that benefit stakeholders and propel the brand’s mission forward.

To succeed in this endeavor, enterprises need to focus on not only understanding their audience members but also providing them with engaging and personalized content experiences that will keep them coming back for more. By utilizing the power of a dedicated content platform, you can educate stakeholders about the company’s vision and arm them with the tools they need to take action.

Finally, utilize analytics features to customize engagement based on data insights for each user – creating personal relationships between the audience and brand by providing 1:1 value propositions such as introducing new products or roundtable invitations!

Crafting content and event experiences to increase engagement and pull audiences into the funnel

Activate with events

Unlocking high-value experiences on an individual level, your owned media platform provides powerful activation through all types of events. Virtual, hybrid and in-person events help enterprises connect with their audiences and tap into powerful digital marketing opportunities. By organising events that can be experienced worldwide, enterprises are able to make a direct connection to global stakeholders. This way, your event platform becomes a vessel for connection and inspiration, enabling increased conversions through targeted experiences.

Inspire with content

With inspirational content offerings like video on demand, podcasts, whitepapers, and blogs an owned content platform provides a wealth of opportunities to inform and inspire your audiences. By focusing on delivering useful, personalized content experiences that inspire your audience to take action, your stakeholders will be inspired and more likely to convert.

Retain with analytics

When you are the owner of your content and events platform, you are able to track and measure engagement metrics. Understanding how users are interacting with content allows you to make data-driven decisions to continually optimize experiences for increased ROI. By leveraging advanced data-driven tools like tailored filtered views, automated recommendations, and personalization services, companies can better understand their customer base and develop strong 1-1 value propositions such as content pitches, external content recommendations, roundtable participation, and introductions. These business intelligence solutions provide a strategic vision for enterprises to make informed decisions about how to engage with their audiences more effectively.

Final thoughts

Owned content platforms provide an invaluable opportunity to build relationships with stakeholders, drive conversions and and track buyer intent, and develop stakeholder management for the long term. With deeper insights into their behavior you can create increasingly personalized experiences that will engage audiences over time while increasing advocacy for the company’s initiatives.

We have developed Dexper 365 for enterprises to create content and event experiences that activate, inspire and retain stakeholders using your own content and events. Leveraging the power of profiles, Dexper 365 handes the distribution of content and events to the right individuals, so that your stakeholders are engaged with valuable content and activations year-round. Use Dexper 365’s data to inform future strategies, energize your global audience with valuable content, and unlock new channels for revenue via owned media platforms.

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