Owned media: Why enterprises should retain control over their content

Key takeaways

  1. One of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the modern era is ensuring that they are able to effectively manage and control their content.

  2. If your brand is producing great content, but you’re uploading it to a third party’s social media channel and not retaining ownership, then you’re effectively handing over your content to the owner of that platform.

  3. By investing in your own online community and owning your content, you can ensure that you are always reaching your global audience with the most engaging and relevant messaging.

  4. Dexper helps enterprises curate their owned media to provide an always-on connection between enterprises and their audiences.

Ensuring they are able to effectively manage and distribute their content is becoming a major challenge for events and marketing teams. When a company optimizes the channels it controls, it creates a stronger brand that attracts new clients. According to Forbes, “In today’s “attention economy,”… the most basic tenet of owned media publishing is to deliver something of value to the consumer”. So, when it comes to publishing your enterprise’s event content for asynchronous participation, you’ll want to ensure that the experience is optimized for your targeted audiences. To ensure overall brand consistency and deliver exceptional user experience. Not to mention: to maintain the engagement of your global audience it is crucial for enterprises to retain ownership of the content.

The advantages of owning your content

Attention. On your own channels, you can create a tailored experience that is focused on your specific community and what they want to see. By contrast, third-party platforms are free because, as the saying goes “you are the product.” What this means is that these platforms capture user data and sell it to advertisers. As a result, users are subconsciously marketed to at every turn. By hosting your content on your own channels, you can create a more tailored and focused experience while avoiding the distractions that come with third-party (social) media publishing channels.

Full control over the brand experience. By owning your content and hosting it on your own website, you can ensure that your audience experiences only the most consistent and engaging version of your brand. This means that you have full control over what they see, hear, and interact with. You can determine which content to feature, how and where it is promoted, as well as the overall look and feel of your site.

Increased brand awareness and loyalty. Focusing on your own channels enables you to strengthen your brand’s presence and build deeper relationships with your targeted audiences. By providing them with valuable content that resonates and engages, you can nurture loyalty in ways that third-party platforms cannot. By refining your funnel management and connecting your brand’s content from top to bottom, you can create a tailored journey of micro-moments of relevance where they’re provided with the right pieces of content, at the right time, plus giving them relevant call-to-actions to take your relationship further. By creating this type of experience, you will not only increase brand awareness but also empower your target customers to trust and love your brand.

Why enterprises should invest in owning their content

Owned media means full control over content and the associated data> Leveraging data enables precise insights into what works best for each target audience. Control over owned media also empowers enterprises to provide an exceptional content experience tailored to their audiences’ needs and preferences. On the other hand, most of your brand’s social media interactions are on a third-party platform and therefore you have limited control over their experience.

Owning, and not renting, your content allows you to drive deeper engagement with your target audiences and build lasting, relationships. By giving your audiences what they want – relevant, high-quality content that speaks directly to their interests and needs – you will be rewarded by increased brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately revenue.

Owned content = data ownership = greater insights

With the right data and insights, enterprises can optimize their content strategies and build even more meaningful relationships with their target audiences. Ultimately, this means improving your bottom line. As a result, investing in owned media is a smart choice for any enterprise looking to create deeper connections with its audiences.

By connecting owned media to internal systems – such as CRM – enterprises can leverage the power of personalization, make more data-driven decisions, and ultimately streamline their marketing efforts. Data-driven content strategies can then be used to continuously refine your approach and build lasting relationships with your most valuable customers. In other words, owning your content opens up a wealth of opportunities for growth and innovation that would be out of reach if you were renting your content on third-party platforms.

Future-proofing your digital content

By investing in your own online community and owning your content, you can ensure that you are always reaching your global audience with the most engaging and relevant messaging. And that ultimately leads to stronger brand loyalty and increased conversion over time.

As an event professional, you are always looking for ways to improve the experience for attendees. You want them to leave our events feeling inspired, connected, and equipped to take on whatever challenges they may face in the future. In order to achieve this, it’s essential to be thoughtful about the content you are creating as well as how it’s delivered.

The future of content is on-demand and personalized

This means that attendees will be able to access keynotes, expert sessions, and resources whenever and wherever suits their schedule. This allows them to choose what content is most relevant to them and their needs. Additionally, it allows enterprises to reach a global audience without the constraints of time zones or location. This opens up opportunities for a more personalized experience that can be enjoyed at the attendee’s convenience. Additionally, always on event content strategies allow you to better assess the impact of your events and make necessary adjustments in real-time. By future-proofing your events, you are providing the best possible experience for our attendees now and in the future.

Final thoughts

Dexper 365 empowers enterprises that are serious about retaining control over their content to provide their global community of engaged customers asynchronous access to consumable content.

At Dexper, we strongly believe that the future of content and experiences lies in always-on engagement. What does that mean? For us, it means creating a tailored platform that lets enterprises curate their owned content to provide an always-on connection between enterprises and their audiences. This approach helps build deeper relationships with your audience by providing them with a constant stream of engaging content and experiences. When you partner with us you can scale your content and experiences by leveraging the power of our customizable digital events platform. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations create always-on content and experiences that are truly personal and relevant to each individual audience member.

Sparked your interest?

If you’re looking to build a community of engaged users that is truly connected and always-on, then we invite you to partner with Dexper. So why not connect with us today and let’s start creating a global community of impact!

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